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Dec 28, 2018

Darrel & I start a theme of sorts. Broadly asked; Is Society being WWE-ified? Is the News Media & political world just Pro Wrestling? Are citizens simply spectators as heels & babyfaces cut their promos & battle it out based upon some script devised by a mythical man behind the curtains?
Well, when you put it that...

Dec 27, 2018

Join Spencer for the inaugural Podcast. In this episode, Spencer will just lay out some basic information, some general positions & some thoughts on where he'd like to see this go.

When Spencer is chatting alone, the 'series' will be titled "SoloCasts".

Dec 24, 2018

Darrel & I might have come up with a name for our Twitterness segment, we chat on some randomness & a possible future "Easter Egg" is laid.

Dec 24, 2018

Spencer talks about externalizing the Mattis resignation, prognosticates Trump's Blackwaterization of the military & challenges Democrats to remember their troop withdrawal outrage next time they ask why leftists won't support them.

Dec 24, 2018

Spencer tells Darrel that making a kid walk to school is not child abuse, Darrel suffers from Twitterness & Spencer gives Hannah Gadsby the last word for this episode.